Sometimes it requires a delicate approach, other times heavy handed strategies and boldness are necessary…whatever the case, mixed climbing is awesome. Success ultimately stems from developing a broad quiver of techniques to meet the challenges that conditions and the terrain present. Previous experience climbing both ice and rock will help you make the transition to the mixed art more enjoyable.

Mountain Sense guides will help you adapt your current skills and make the move into mixed climbing more efficient. Mixed climbing is a passion of ours. There are very few rules, and figuring out what’s going to work in the moment, is rewarding and engaging.

Mountain Sense specializes in winter ice and mixed climbing ascents in New Hampshire. Other options include mixed climbing in Canada, Norway, Alaska, Colorado, and beyond.

Mixed Climbing Selects

  • Deirdre | Cathedral Ledge
  • Remission | Cathedral Ledge
  • Black Dike | Cannon Cliff
  • Pegasus Rock Finish | Frankenstein Cliff
  • Hitchcock Gully | Mt. Willard
  • Omega | Cannon Cliff

Featured Climb | Omega

It takes a lot of luck to catch Omega in great conditions and a lot of skill to climb it well. Timing and preparation are everything when it comes to catching this ephemeral line in good nick. Jim must have been living right because the stars aligned for us to make this memorable and relatively rare ascent a couple seasons back.

Mixed Climbing Gallery